Month: November 2009

Chesty Moms

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Sensory Deprivation Sex

Breathe gently and comfortably through just your mouth. Now, put in earplugs or complete sound blocking earphones so you can’t hear a thing. Make sure you don’t have mints or gum in your mouth and now close your eyes. Feel cocooned and slightly adrift? Feel like you’re not “feeling” anything, or like you’re floating in space or warm, soothing water? Now imagine a hand or something even more sexual coming at you from the darkness, stroking and touching you, smelling musky and warm, perhaps running slowly over your lips, leaving a slight salty taste on your tongue. You won’t know where your next touch is coming from or where it will touch you. You are completely at the mercy of the other person or people that are acting as your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands.
This can only give you a glimpse of what sensory deprivation sex is like.
The joyous irony of sensory deprivation sex is that the more “deprived” you are, the more sexually turned-on you feel.
The more you are stroked, caressed, kissed and licked while blindfolded, sound deprived and, most likely, tied down or otherwise immobile, the more your other senses will try to compensate. When they can’t make up for what is missing, is when the true bliss begins.
Everything is heightened, made stronger and seems to be more desired, more NEEDED than ever before. The longing and begging to not only have your senses fed, but your desire for contact and communication become almost unbearable as you beg to be allowed to experience what is being offered, or what the brain thinks is being missed.
Sensory deprivation sex does not have to be expensive or complex. A blindfold and set of handcuffs is a wonderful start. A black leather hood that causes the nostrils to fill with the smell of leather, the eyes to be covered and a gag placed in the mouth, is another step up and also relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking to spend money, that can definitely be done as well, but this type of sexual thrill requires little more than deep trust between partners and an understood safe word.
Try…if you dare.

Bosom Plumpers

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Black Busty

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Big Boobs Fat Booty

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