Month: May 2016

The Hidden Dangers of Live Cam Shows

I wish I could tell you that live cam shows are all fun. I wish I could tell you that they are a great way to spend your time. Unfortunately, I can’t make those statements because those are blanket statements. For the most part, there are many cam show programs out there that are not only completely forgettable, but they are absolute wastes of time.

The sad reality is that the cam show entertainment industry is moving towards a free model. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, you know, how can all these good-looking models take off their clothes and sometimes get fucked or blow cocks on live cam and it’s completely free?” Well, it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out how this works.

You have to remember that when you show up at a particular live cam show, you spend an inordinate or a huge amount of time basically being teased by the model. Her agenda is actually pretty straightforward. In fact, if you have more than one brain cell, it’s actually quite transparent. What she’s trying to do is to tease you and get you excited enough so that you whip out your credit card and take her to a private room.

You have to remember that that’s how a lot of these live cam shows and cam website programs make money. They don’t make money showing stuff for free. They don’t make money showing the model playing with her fingers and doing all sorts of things in front of a camera. They do make money when people tip the performer or people take her to a private room. That’s where the action is. At the very least, that’s where the financial action is.

Understand that this is how these live cam shows operate. I’m not saying that you should never pay for a great performance. I’m not saying that you should whip out your credit card and leave a hefty tip. What I am saying is that you only need to pay or at least click on an ad if you feel that the performer deserves it. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get caught up in the mindless teasing and you end up wasting each other’s time. I wish this was just theoretical. I wish that this happen every once in a blue moon, but sadly, given the way typical live cam show audiences behave, this has become more of the norm.

The Real Secret to Cougar Dating

If you just got turned on to the whole idea of cougar dating, you are in for a whole world of pleasure. In fact, a lot of young guys are beginning to discover cougar dating. There’s a lot to recommend at this type of dating demographic because for the longest time, guys have been stuck with young women who think that they’re all that.

The reality with biology is that the older woman gets, the less desirable she is. Now, we have all sorts of new technology and all sorts of new thinking that try to buck against this, but the truth is, you really can’t beat biology. I know it sounds sexist. I know it sounds outdated and traditionalist, but that’s a biological reality.

This is why cougar dating is so fascinating because a lot of these older women have just really turned back the clock. We’re not talking primarily about the way they look or their level of energy. What they have done is that they have turned back sexual attention to where it deserves to be because you have to understand that the older woman gets, the hornier she gets, she is able to achieve multiple orgasms.

Younger women still have a tough time achieving this state. This is why pairing up younger horny dudes with older women is such a great thing. That is the real secret to cougar dating. If you understand that, then you’d know that there is a tremendous built up demand for cougar dating, just chec out