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What Sex Dates Say About Today’s Culture?

I know that the title to this blog post is something that you probably would expect from the 1970’s or 1980’s. Well, sexual cultures evolve with time. Things that were shocking or scandalous 50 years ago will probably just earn yawns or eye rolls. Nowadays, it seems that we live in a modern American culture where being shocking is par for the course. It’s expected. Every single generation is supposed to be more shocking and outrageous than the previous generation. Otherwise, they’re not doing it right.

It’s gotten to the point that most Americans simply don’t allow themselves to be shocked, and nothing is obscene to them, nothing is ridiculously dangerous to them. They see the pattern, and they’re completely at peace with it. This is why it’s really important to understand that just because we have mobile apps and websites that enables total strangers to have sex in their local areas, that this is nothing really revolutionary.

If you think about it, the internet just provides the technology platform for behavior that has existed for thousands of years. If you were to look at ancient Hindu manuscripts, you would quickly discover that there were lots of sexual shenanigans going on. The Kama Sutra, after all, wasn’t written in a vacuum. It’s not like some guy sat back, smoked some hashish and imagined all those positions. Those were from real experiences, by real people, looking to enjoy real sex and all sorts of adult xxx. I want you to have this historical idea regarding sexual culture because that’s the only proper framework with which you can realistically approach the issue of sex dates.

Sex dates have been going on forever. It’s just now that we have the technology to make it happen in as efficient and painless way as possible. But it’s always been happening. Look back in the middle ages where there are certain areas of town where, during certain times of the year, it’s completely acceptable for unmarried couples to have sex. Often times, these trysts would be completely public.

In pagan times, orgies were expected, but during the Christian era, there were also a lot of hanky-panky. So don’t get all puritanical about the whole idea of sex dates. It’s always been going on. The only big difference is, now we’re able to do it more efficiently. It’s also very public because of social media. It’s really important to keep this in mind because it really all boils down to the old saying: the more things change the more they stay the same.

People really are not all that different now compared to hundreds of years ago. We need to get over ourselves. We shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that since we live in this day and age that we are necessarily morally, scientifically and emotionally superior to people who lived in prior ages. That’s not true. Thinking along those lines is not going to do you any favors. It’s actually quite negative. It gives people a false sense of pride.

We get so smug at our supposed superiority that we become blind to a lot of the lessons the past could otherwise be teaching us. Yes, there are lots of lessons as far as interpersonal relationships go between the sexes that previous historical periods can teach us. Their attitudes toward sex can speak volumes about what we need to improve on in the here and now.

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